business phone system

Your telephone system is the conduit between your customers and your business. It's critical that your phone system is reliable and stable, a 99.99% uptime guarantee and service level agreement should be available from your chosen hosted phone service provider.

Ideally, you should be able to manage your phone system with a minimal amount of technical experience. The phone system management console should be logically set out and there should be good help information available.

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business phone system

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Fully functional, easy to manage.

It's all very well having a phone system with all the bells and whistles but if you have to hire a technical expert to make changes for you it can quickly become expensive.

A hosted pbx should have a simple to manage control panel that is logically set out so that anyone in your organisation with a medium level of technical ability is able to manage it. With the Siptalk platform, if you can use a computer you'll be able to manage the system.

The platform is set out into logical section and roles can be set up to give different people in your organisation access to the parts that are useful to them.

Reasonably priced

Look for a reasonably priced service that offers good value for money, steer away from bundled handset cost models where you pay a monthly fee with calls included. While this may seem like a good idea, it's the service provider who is most advantaged by this pricing model. It only works for them because most customers use less than the included calls value. It's usually a better option economically to pay for the calls you use, assuming the provider isn't gouging you on call costs.

The providers offering bundled handset pricing will normally mark up the per minute pricing aggressively to make their bundled offering look good, look around and compare.

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